New modul WOP Singularity


This new module allows the passage of the singularity of a multi-articulated robot. Primarily for packaging applications, it can be used in all kinds of processes.

The singularity

Originally it is a mathematical phenomenon. This is the time or the description of an object ceases to be possible because one or more of the variables that describe become infinite (that's what happens when you divide by zero). This phenomenon occurs when the axis 4, 5 and 6 are aligned in linear movements.
In the case of PTP movements, the problem can not arise since no geometric interpolation is recorded, but only a target point.
A Team Viewer presentation session with GREMY Mickaël (module designer) will be available soon.
By clicking the button below you can download the "WOPLive Presentation" module which allows you to log into the presentation session.

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